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The Business behind the BID
How the Darryl Holter and the Shammas Group Helped the Figueroa Corridor Grow


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Along Figueroa and Flower Street, holdings which include car dealerships, an insurance company, and several commercial and residential properties. Today, the president Jeanette Shammas and CEO Darryl Holter, the company is guided by the same principle that drove late patriarch Nick Shammas: The Figueroa Corridor is a crucial thoroughfare in the city, connecting Downtown and South L.A.

Keeping the district clean and safe helped attract new business to the heavy hitters already in the area. - Darryl Holter, Shammas Group

In 1998, Darryl Holter - who had become Shammas Group's CEO three years prior—organized the Figueroa Corridor Partnership, a coalition of local business owners who aimed to enhance the corridor’s look, safety, brand and potential. Holter is the Founding Chair of the Partnership. Like other business improvement districts, its cornerstone was “clean and safe” programs in which security guards began to patrol the area and janitorial crews removed all graffiti and cleaned up sidewalks. Keeping the district clean and safe helped attract new businesses to the heavy hitters already in the area.

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Darryl Holter is CEO of The Shammas Group

The Corridor feels much different since the Partnership’s inception. The area —bounded by the 10 Freeway, Exposition Park, Flower Street and Vermont Avenue—includes cultural and residential icons. L.A. Live anchors it to the north; the Shrine Auditorium, car dealerships, and new businesses take up the middle; and USC campus and Exposition Park, with its three museums and science institutions, as well as the L.A. Coliseum and the Sports Arena, from the southerly nexus. Newer arrivals include the Galen Center, and the huge new University Gateway student housing complex.

Next year, Metro is set to open the Exposition Line, which will link Downtown to Culver City via Exposition Park. “Connecting Downtown to the Exposition Park community is really important,” Shammas Group Darryl Holter says. “As Figueroa becomes more that a transit corridor with development mushrooming around transit stops, it will make it friendlier for pedestrians and encourage investment to spread into South L.A.”

Darryl Holter is the CEO of the Shammas Group. He was born in Minneapolis, and received a BA and MA from the University of Minnesota. He has completed a Ph.D. in History from the University of Wisconsin. Holter has worked as academic, a specialist in industrial relations, and since 1995 has been the CEO of the Shammas Group.